Monday, January 5, 2009

Conant Custom Weather Instruments

One of the things I insist upon having in my backyard are Conant Custom Vermont instruments. It's my way of spoiling myself. If you don't know what they are, these are those wonderful, old fashioned looking thermometers, hydrometers, barometers and weather stations. Vermont Instruments still use faces and dials! I love it! Yes, my boyfriend has accused me of being analog and not digital but there is something warm about a dial as opposed to a LED screen with block numbers.

They are just gorgeous. Even though I do have the required digital, wireless weather station which tells me the temperature indoors and outside, what the weather will be like for the next ten days, heck, what the weather will be like next year and if I should take care due to driving conditions on Saturday, I also have a Conant Custom thermometer and rain gauge. Oddly I tend to look at the Conant Custom thermometer first, before I look at the digital unit. And every gardener needs a proper rain gauge.

Conant Custom comes in more than just brass finishes, although the brass finish is the classic and traditional style one normally associates with them. Some of their products as well come in stainless steel and antique copper finish options. Along with this, Conant Custom makes the fabulous line of Jefferson weather instruments - a very unique rain gauge and an unusual thermometer. These were not actually designed by Thomas Jefferson, but Jefferson inspired. They are quite different and fun. Check out a full line of all their products at Conant Custom Brass Weather Instruments.